Taj Misr Developments is pleased to announce the launch of the third phase of its latest project “Dejoya” on Cairo’s OOH arena, after a long absence from the scene, when it was last spotted promoting the project Ezdan mall in its previous campaign in 2020. 

TAJ MISR is the real estate development side of EICC (The Egyptian International Construction Co.), which has been operating effectively since 2006 and is one of Egypt's most reputable construction businesses, as well as a number of other countries around the world. The real estate developer, Taj Misr is seeking to dominate the real estate market sector by offering the finest products with unique quality, value assets, and a maximized return of investments. 

The renowned real estate developer returned back stronger than ever to the scene to present the new project Dejoya 3, situated in a prime location in the heart of the New Capital, overlooking important milestones, such as the Diplomatic district and Tourist Walkway. The aforementioned developer is contributing to fulfilling customers' needs by offering all the means of comfort. Therefore, Dejoya features an array of facilities; starting from the aquarium, kids' area, 24/7 security, solar energy, water features & swimming pool, underground parking, CCTV, garbage shooter, jogging & bicycle track, commercial areas, and more than you can imagine.   

The advertiser uses different separate template designs, for example, on double-decker billboards, the upper decker features the advertiser’s name and logo on a dark backdrop, decorating its frames with a green leaf that refers to the green spaces that the developer is keen to involve in its projects. However, on the lower decker, the visuals display valuable moments between family members; a warm hug and a baby's hands lie on the mother's and the father's hands, referring to a happy life at Dejoya. At the same time, a unique white font stating the project’s name has been featured with a 3 inside the “O” letter to demonstrate that this is the third phase of the Dejoya project after the huge success of the previous phases, and highlighting the hotline for those seeking more information.  

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