The pioneering Japanese car manufacturer Nissan is back once again on Dubai’s OOH landscape after its latest campaign that promoted the Nissan Patrol Nismo, to the delight of audiences everywhere.
The esteemed car brand is no stranger to outdoor campaigns that offer major discounts, its last one was in June, and it brought about discounts for many of its beloved cars.

This time they’re offering “deals for a new start”, as stated in the ad copy. These deals include discounted prices for their most popular models such as; the Nissan Sunny with a starting price of AED 55,000, the Nissan Altima with a  starting price of AED 92,900, the Nissan X-TRAIL with a starting price of AED 84,900

and the Nissan Maxima with a starting price of AED 141,500. In addition to these amazing discounts, the new ad campaign also includes 5 years of service and 5 years warranty.

The visuals let the vehicles speak for themselves, as three different models of Nissan cars pose together proudly as if conquering the road itself, with the Nissan Patrol taking the lead, as the sun rises behind them, echoing the sentiment of a new start.

On the lampposts, the visuals feature a simple light-blue background, with incentivizing statements for consumers to “own or lease”, “don’t miss out”,  and “visit us today”. Other statements include; “three delayed installments”,  and “support for the first installment”. Another statement showcased by the ad copy states that this campaign has “Expo’s familial permit”.

As a final, punctuating touch, Nissan’s logo is displayed at the top of the ad, and at the bottom, the logo for AW Rostamani Group is showcased.

The limited campaign is a fairly new one that was released during the second week of September, Uni-Pole, Digital Screen, and Lampposts.

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