From Contact Development, the reigning real estate company, comes its stunning creation; the Quan Tower in the New Capital. In an OOH campaign that has spread across Cairo after their previous one in August, this Central Business District- based project was announced. Their strong suit is that they offer various units, ranging from commercial, administrative and medical, at various prices to fit people’s needs.

The company was eager to allocate the most space possible for services, facilities, green spaces, and landscaping. The mall is encircled by around 22 acres, all of which are green areas (green spaces), including artificial lakes and a crystal lagoon, as well as many other amenities found in Quan Tower. Entertainment areas, sky roof food court, panoramic elevators and full security presence are just few of the things that characterize Quan Tower. 

The visuals are a gradient of color, dissolving from teal blue, to a warm apricot color, with the writing in white. This color fade gathers people’s eyes to the billboard. There’s a view of the tower, with its glossy, refined face and colossal height, to pull in everyone. The tower overlooks the bustling city of the New Capital with its brilliant lights and constant activity. The writing is entirely in English, with the brand name, and tagline “The Perfect Retail Destination Fronting the Iconic Tower”. They reveal that there’s a “20% Special Discount” to entice people. The hotline is added at the bottom with Contact Development logo, their partners’ logos and their location “at CBD, New Capital”.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Real Estate

Brand: Quan Tower

Advertiser: Contact Developments

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | New Capital | Quan Tower

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