The leading energy company we all know as Total, Total Quartz, or Total Gas Station, has popped up on Cairo's OOH landscape, taking the spotlight with its new branding and awareness campaign featuring an all-new logo, brand name, and identity. Total's last appearance on Egypt's billboards concerned promoting the chance to win two SkodaKodiaq cars when buying the 4-liter Total Quartz INEO, as well as a chance to win two Skoda Kamiq's

Total, as we all know it, is now transforming and becoming TotalEnergies. The resolution to change the company's name was approved on May 28/2021, at the Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting in Paris. From that point on, TotalEnergies' strategic transformation into a broad energy company, adopting a new visual identity and media plan. The ad visual demonstrates car oil; "Total Quartz INEO C3 5W-40" which is 4-liters. The advert also highlights that the all-new oils and vehicle products have "Age Resistance Technology'' adding modern features for the new identity. 

The new name, logo, and visual identity symbolize what TotalEnergies are attempting to achieve and reflect; that it is a broad energy company contributing to the sustainable development of the planet, and is committed to producing and providing energies that are more affordable, reliable and clean. These facts can be derived from analyzing the colorful, contemporary, youthful, humble, and casual logo that comprises primary colors and shades; red/orange that symbolize oil, dark blue for natural gas, light blue meaning electricity, blue/green symbolizing hydrogen, turquoise/olive green portraying biomas, yellow/green which reflects wind power, and last but not least, orange/yellow which symbolizes solar power. One of the visuals also portrays a robot pulling a cloth from the updated and sustainable oil solution with two cars in the background, reflecting to the audience the type of goals TotalEnergies aims to accomplish.  

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Industry: Oil & Gas

Brand: Total Quartz

Advertiser: Total Egypt

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Total Quartz | TotalEnergies

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