The gargantuan fast food brand McDonald's is back on Dubai’s billboards in a spectacular fashion with a creative campaign to stir the appetite of audiences everywhere with the mouthwatering Grand Chicken Sandwiches. The beloved sandwiches come in two variations, the “special” and the “spicy”, each offering a distinct taste and delicious flavors. Many of the ad visuals depict hungry food-lovers grabbing the sandwich between their hands, with their mouths open, ready to take a bite out of the mesmerizing meal, and their gazes hanging adoringly on the grand chicken burger. The coveted sandwich is comprised of a thick, crispy Halal chicken patty topped with a handful of crispy lettuce, rocca, juicy tomato slices, two slices of Emmental cheese, and a slice of chicken roll, accompanied by a grainy, gourmet dressing sauce - all held together by a soft, water split bun.

The creative die-cut visuals serve to highlight the magnificence of McDonald's creation, with the bun of the sandwich protruding out of the boundaries of the billboard. The fast-food brand which has seen tremendous success with their earlier campaign for the signature collection, are back even stronger on the OOH landscape. The ad copy playfully extends the word “Grand”, emphasizing the huge size of the burger, and inviting daring connoisseurs to come and indulge in its taste and magnitude. It’s also stated that the Grand Chicken Sandwich features a limited-time Habanero flavor.

This new campaign has emerged in the second week of September on Bridge Billboard, UniPole, digital screens, Mega Com, and Lampposts.

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