Every month, we keep on tracking hype levels on Cairo's OOH scene to observe its ups and downs and to see how it changes. Eventually, our monthly analyses and reports returned back to reveal satisfying results. According to the data and statistics that were received from the previous month, it has shown a consistent momentum in market occupancy rate, where about 74% of the OOH ad spaces are occupied, leaving only 26% of the billboards available for accepting new advertisers and brands, same as in July.     

According to the reports, the overall number of campaigns for August has slightly decreased, with just 152 campaigns landing on the scene, compared to 165 total campaigns in July. It is noticeable that the ongoing campaigns have witnessed a logical 5% increase than last month, as it rose from 91 to 96. In August, the number of new campaigns dropped a bit from 74 to 56. 

When it comes to the industries that dominate Cairo’s billboards, it is discernible that the real estate industry is still at the top of the chart, as it experienced a 3% increase in the market share during August 2021. The telecommunication industry comes next as the 2nd-runner on the chart with 9% of the market share, identical with the previous month. The ranking of the FMCG and Automotive industry has switched this month, showing the FMCG in the 3rd place with a noticeable increase of 8% and the Automotive Industry in the 4th place with a rate closer to the market share of the previous month, followed by the healthcare industry with 5%. It is logical to catch sight of the education industry, appearing with a slight increase in the market share since it is the back to school season where parents and students started to apply and enroll at universities, therefore, educational institutions seize this opportunity to stand out on the billboards, promoting their exceptional education.

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