“School of savings” is 2B’s slogan for its new OOH campaign, which is probably the best way to sum up the two most important aspects of the ad campaign; back-to-school season, and major discounts. 2B is back once again on the OOH scene with joyful visuals that showcase two kids, portrayed by the child stars Mona Ahmed Zaher & Selim Mostafa, accompanied by various electronic devices such as headphones and laptops, vibing happily, and enjoying their return to school.

The other pillar of the campaign, which is major savings, is prominently on display in most of the visuals, flaunting a hand-drawn “70%”. Apple is featured in one of the visuals, with a special 15% discount on MacBooks, which is an extension of Apple’s cooperation with 2B.

2B’s logo is highlighted against a solid black background, helping the font and colors to pop. The ad copy features some names of sponsors like; Paymob, Valu, and Banque Misr. Important info is also included at the bottom of the ad, such as the website, and the hotline for those seeking more information.

Curious to know more about this new campaign from 2B along with the OOH types, kinds, media plans, budgets, and locations? Check out Monitoring Out-of-Home (MOOH), Cairo’s, and Dubai's dedicated OOH media intelligence agency, and analysis system.

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