Homzmart website comes to Egypt, facilitating the process of buying furniture! The new outdoor campaign invites customers to say goodbye to all the hassle of going out to buy furniture. The brand is coming up with the biggest application for furniture & decorations in Egypt, literally making the process of buying a new couch or bed as simple as clicking a button!

The visuals of the ad feature a solid blue background, conveying feelings of stability and trustworthiness. On said background, an image of a comfortable couch and some pleasant home decorations is displayed, with an outline of a mobile phone imposed over them, indicating that they were bought through the app. A red rectangle pops out against the blue background, offering a 200 EGP discount on the first order. While the bottom section of the ad shows that there’s an option for payments in instalments, associated with Valu application for payment solutions.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Mobile Apps | Furniture & Interiors

Brand: Homzmart

Advertiser: Homzmart Ltd.

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Promotional Campaign | Homzmart

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