Rock Capital 1 is El Batal Group’s latest project, announced in an OOH campaign in Egypt. This real estate development is a business park, created to meet the needs of a wide range of enterprises and workplaces. The project includes office spaces, facilities, services, and scenic terraces connected by atria and terraced gardens. Because they care about the environment, they constructed the building with open air terraces beginning on the fourth level to ensure that the air is continually replenished. 

There is also vegetation, break lounges, fitness club, physiotherapy, as well as a wide selection of amenities to create a healthy work atmosphere for relaxation and chilling out during the working day. Rock Capital 1 is always safe, as they make certain that the project is constructed with Secure protection from earthquakes, emergency stairwells every 30 meters, insulated gypsum in order to prevent noise, plenty of space between the glass and the nearest barrier, solar panels on the roof, and finally HEPA air purifiers to enhance indoor air quality. 

The billboards pinpoint their target audience and who they designed the business park for; “For the Challenge Seeker,” “For the Top Achiever”, “For the Top-Notch Leader”, and “For the Risk Taker”. All of these labels are accompanied by sharply dressed, professional individuals who carry the image of hard-working men and women. They fit as the prime example of business people, with their suits, glasses, and formal clothes, poised with grace and stern facial expressions. The visuals also showcase an overview of the business park, bustling and alive with lights and traffic, describing it as “A Smart Business Complex in the New Capital” to “Have a Great Working Day”. 

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