Out-of-home (OOH) advertising was impacted by lockdowns and the companies had to shift towards digital channels in 2020 to reach their audience. However, film production companies have recently been inclined to go all-in on the OOH scene, as new movies have paved their way back into the arena by occupying Greater Cairo's billboards with their posters after the pandemic dilemma has been lifted.

Egyptian cinema is currently in a state of artistic recovery due to the increase of producers' desire to display artistic works on the big screen during the current period. Masses started flocking back to the cinema after months of the lockdown due to the pandemic of Covid-19.

Realistic films that portray Egyptian society and commercial films featuring belly dancers with famous folk singers have been the trending genres over the past six years, mainly geared towards garnering profits.

Currently, the Egyptian filmmaking industry has leaned more towards experimental cinema & movies. Where new genres are emerging in the Egyptian film landscape every now and then. Four new movies with totally different genres, introducing new ideas for the first time in Egypt that should not be missed at theaters, are an indication for a strong rebound!

The appearance of sharp jaws undersea and the mystery around the "Salem Express Ferry" in Mako

It's not the first time for Egyptian Cinema to cast experiences of life underwater, where it is previously presented with the idea of looking for hidden gold and treasure. For instance, Nader Galal's film "The Devil’s Island" (Jazeerat Al-Shaytan) or جزيرة الشيطان, featuring the iconic Adel Emam and the beautiful actress Youssra. The movie was adapted from the American made-for-TV adventure movie "Wet Gold", directed by Dick Lowry. In addition, the movie “Underwater Hell” (جحيم تحت الماء), starring the veteran Egyptian Actor Samir Sabry, alongside the lovely actress Laila Eloui, also this movie is based on a story by the American playwright and novelist Thornton Niven Wilder. However, the movie "Mako" has shown up in theaters to suggest a new idea that has never been presented in Egyptian movies; a story based on the concept of undersea horror.     

Mako (ماكو) is considered the first dramatic and terrifying work to be inspired by a true story of the wreck of the Salem Express ferry, which sank in December 1991 after crashing into coral reefs. The movie was scripted by Mohamed El Hefni and Ahmed Halim, directed by Hisham El Rashidi. The aforementioned movie features a group of young and promising actors, including BasmaNahed El SebaiNicolas Mouawad, Monther Rayhaneh, Amr Wahba, and Sarah Elshamy. The Turkish actor Murat Yildirim made his appearance for the first time in an Egyptian movie, co-starring in Mako after participating in the Lebanese series “The School of Love” (مدرسة الحب).

The movie poster "Mako" has thrilled passers-by with a terrifying outdoor advertising campaign, portraying a shark that emerges from the depths of the water, bearing out its sharp teeth to get the audiences ready for the goosebumps. The poster gives a glimpse of the story, which centers around a group of people being chased by a shark while diving in the depth of the Red Sea to explore the wreck of the Salem Express ferry.

The stunning Mohamed Henedy returns with a suspenseful light-comedy and supernatural movie!

After 17 years of presenting the “Great Beans of China”, known as "Fool El Seen El Azeem" or (فول الصين العظيم), the comedy actor Mohamed Henedy, the director Sherif Arafa, and the producer Hisham Abdel Khalik are back together in a smash hit, titled "El Ens W El Nems" (The Humans & the Mongoose) or (الإنس والنمس). According to Henedy’s interview with “Arabia.com”, he stated that the movie is a new type with a completely different concept than any other film previously screened in Egypt, as it is based on a comedic horror theme narrated through a new story; it’s the kind of movie that combines between light comedy with supernatural elements. It’s worth mentioning that the soundtrack, montage, clothes, graphics, and decor served the film very well to present this new genre.

The plot revolves around Tahsin, played by Henedy who has a normal life until he falls in love with a supernatural character "Narmin", embodied by Menna Shalaby, where the mongoose's family entices Tahsin into their home to plan their marriage so that their daughter can become pregnant with the human's child and then kill him. The insanely successful comedy features the megastar Mohamed Henedy and the beautiful actress Menna Shalaby, alongside famous names like Sabrine, Amr Abdel GelielBayoumi Fouad, Mahmoud Hafez, Sherif Desouky, Donia Maher, and Arfa Abdel Rassoul.  

The iconic comedian has taken the spotlight on the OOH arena while wearing his Pajamas, surrounded by supernatural creatures and Zombies, which evokes the humorous aspect of the movie and supernatural theme. Putting into consideration that the movie was a triumphant blockbuster, it succeeded to earn 17 million EGP of box office revenue from the first week.

Egyptian cinema plunges into the future with Sci-Fi movie "Mousa" 

The anticipated movie Mousa (موسي) is expected to mark a huge shift in Egyptian cinema, as it represents the first Arabian robotics and Artificial intelligence (Al) movie not only in Egypt but also in the Arab world and the MENA region. The Sci-Fi movie is co-produced by three of the largest film production companies; Tamer Morsy’s Synergy Films, Egypt International Films, and New Century Production. Mousa was written and directed by one of the most popular names in the film industry “Peter Mimi", known for his prestigious works, Harb Karmouz (No Surrender) or حرب كرموز in Arabic, Casablanca (كازابلانكا), Kalabsh (Cuffs), known as كلابش in Arabic, El Ekhteyar (The Choice) or الاختيار. 

The poster of the movie was released on the OOH scene, featuring a bold impression of a metallic exoskeleton robot with red eyes, illustrated on a backdrop with different hues of blue. The movie has so many great actors, such as Eyad Nassar, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Asmaa Abulyazid, and Sarah El-Shamy, tapping into the appearance of special guests like Ahmed Elawadyi, Ahmed Hatem, Mohamed Gomaa, Mohamed Lotfy, Sabry Fawwaz, and Salah Abdallah.

The film is a science fiction narrative that tells the story of an engineering college student, played by (Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz), who invented the first robot in the Middle East. The aforementioned movie has a dystopian-like atmosphere, this is because of the scenes that are dominated by dark, empty cities accompanied by the depiction of the end of the modern world, featuring some explosive shots. Putting into consideration that the robot was the focus and the main hero during the events of the movie, therefore, the filmmakers heavily relied on some CGI work to bring the mechanical creation to life.

 An A-list ensemble cast of megastars joined by one paper currency!

The filmmakers clearly intend to give the impression that the 200 Egyptian Pound is the protagonist of the movie, as the plot focuses around this banknote, which is passed from one person to another from diverse social groups and residences, yet the characters are all linked by this paper currency. The promotional material for the production employed the "Show Don't Tell" technique, so instead of divulging the cast members, the posters prominently featured the 200 POUNDS bill, which gave people some glances into the movie's story, that can be grasped by omitting details, while also maintaining an aura of curiosity about the banknote and its relationship with the characters of the movie, so this was a very innovative way for marketing the film.

The film features a collective ensemble, as it involves a star-studded cast, such as Esaad Younis, who is back to brighten up Cinema's screens after 11 years of absence from the industry since her latest starring role in the movie Alzheimer (زهايمر) with Adel Emam. In addition to Sahibet Al Saada, co-starring Ahmed Elsaka, Ahmed RizkGhada Adel, Hany Ramzy, Khaled Elsawy, Laila Eloui, Ahmed Elsaadany, Ahmed Adam, and many more. This work is scripted by Ahmad Abdullah and directed by Mohamed Amin.

The new wave of movies hints at a promising future

The advertisers succeeded in making the OOH ads effective for the four movies; El Ens W El Nems, Mousa, 200 POUNDS, and Mako. The movies' campaigns have left a significant impact on the audiences due to the usage of brilliant marketing strategies, as they made the right choice with all their advertising tools, including the visuals and designs that urge movie-goers to book a ticket so as not to miss out the pleasures of watching these new movies. The lifting of the pandemic’s restriction allowed cinemas to reopen and release the floodgates of creativity for writers to take risks and present new stories, and we can’t wait to see what comes next

The Art & Science of OOH

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