The French fashion brand Louis Vuitton lands on Dubai’s OOH scene with a mesmerizing campaign, featuring the tagline “Imagination Takes Flight”. The reputable brand returns to the OOH arena after their previous campaign with inspiring visuals that depict the silhouette of a child running while carrying some flowers, towards a structure on a cliff overlooking the ocean. An umbrella stands on top of the structure, almost ready to take flight!

This rather beautiful DOOH campaign aims of course to promote the brand’s fragrance “IMAGINATION”. The name itself depicts the main theme of the scent & the ad, encouraging people to let their imagination run loose, aspiring to achieve more. The visuals of the OOH advert emphasize serenity and openness over a more direct approach, which’s fitting to the intended message. Since Imagination is The key to the audacity, success, and drive of the creatives who make the wildest dreams a reality, the prestigious brand sought to name its uplifting fragrance after it. The spirit of travel and discovery is embodied in the ambery accord that expresses a sensual and contemporary masculine elegance. Such aroma contrasts with the noble citrus and black tea, to provide an enchanting fragrance that lives up to its lofty name.

This new limited eye-catching campaign emerged in Dubai in the form of a Digital Screen in the first week of September.

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