The pioneering appliance and consumer electronics brand Beko is back on Cairo’s OOH scene once again with a strong campaign, promoting their washing machines and their Steam Cure Hygeine+ technology. Said technology ensures better cleaning and washing performance, as when steam is distributed into the drum at the beginning of the program, it softens up dirt, making it easier to remove and provides the ideal washing results. The ad copy promises to remove the toughest stains with steam and sanitize clothes from 99% of the causes of allergy.

The ad visuals sport a solid blue background that helps the brand’s logo, hotline, and images to pop out. On the left side, a seal of quality states that Beko’s washing machines are ranked as number one in the UK, further adding to the brand’s credibility. An illustration of a white shirt is shown, being split in half, with the side-emitting steam being much cleaner, proving the effectiveness of the Steam Cure Hygeine+ technology.

To uncover more details regarding Beko's latest campaign, visit Monitoring Out-of-Home (MOOH), the dedicated media intelligence company and analysis system functioning in both Cairo and Dubai, for extra details on the campaign's media plan, budget, locations, types, kinds, and more.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Home Appliances

Brand: BEKO

Advertiser: Beko Egypt Trading LLC

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | BEKO | Steam Cure Hygeine

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