Chinesemultinational ICT Huawei launches a massive OOH campaign to release their latest model P10 and P10+ in Egypt.
After we started the month with’s promotion campaign of 3 nights at a 5-star hotel for all pre-orders through the region’s first online portal, this new campaign has been launched by Huawei and focuses on the phone itself and the innovative camera it incorporates.
As mobile manufacturers race to develop the best photo-shooting experience for users, Huawei always keeps up with their competitors in every new model they release. Their #OO hashtag appeared last year for the first time in a teaser-campaign for model P9 and became trending topic on Twitter for more than a month. Keeping the same hashtag, model P10 goes even farther as Huawei has partnered with German leading camera manufacturer Leica to incorporate the Leica Dual Camera 2.0, an engineering innovation that creates stunning artistic shots. Their slogan “My pocket studio” can be seen at the bottom of every ad.
The ads showcase the hyper diamond-cut finishing of the new model and places great emphasis on the dual camera, clearly stated in the ad copy that reads “Create a story from every single picture”, and using the artistic photo of a female or male model as background to the ads, as if it were the professional shot just taken from your phone.
Using Large and X-Large uni-poles, as well as Double-decker poles, you will enjoy the stunning camera photos on different locations across the Greater Cairo.

Huawei launches models P10 and P10+-00
Huawei launches models P10 and P10+-00

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