Coffee lovers rejoice!

The masters at Shaheen have announced a new branch in Sheikh Zayed city that should serve customers with all their caffeinated needs.

The leading brand was established as a family business back in 1937. They have grown over the years and across the country to become the sought-after haven for all coffee lovers. The secret behind the quality of Shaheen’s coffee lies in the lenient treatment of the product throughout the entire production process. In addition to that, permanent investment in new technologies, as well as the constant studying of the consumers’ taste preferences, has been a continuous driving force towards excellence.

The ad visuals depict three bags containing three different types of coffee, each with a distinct flavor and aroma. Coffee beans fly from behind the bags, scattering across the ad space, and inducing the signature enchanting smell of coffee into the minds of onlookers, encouraging them to grab a cup of the delectable drink.

The ad features a creative concept with a die-cut of a coffee-colored arrow protruding from the billboard, pointing towards the direction of the new branch. The ad copy accompanying the visuals states that Shaheen Coffee offers a “Tailor-made mood”, referring to how much coffee transcends being a mere drink, and how much it lifts the spirit. Shaheen Coffee shows its commitment to fulfilling all those needs and desires of its consumers, to provide them with a taste that befits their cravings. After all, a good cup of coffee in the morning brings delight to the soul, and clarity to the mind.

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Industry: Food & Beverages

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

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