German car manufacturer, Opel, one of the biggest European car manufacturers, alongside official automotive dealer; Al Mansour Automotive in Egypt, are reappearing on Greater Cairo's OOH landscape with an active out-of-home strategy to promote the new Opel Grandland. Opel uses a very similar strategy to the one used in their last OOH campaign in May 2021, introducing the Opel Grandland as the brand's exceptional car that features extra safety assurance, however, Mansour Automotive is back on billboards, with stronger than ever branding for the latest Opel Grandland using the ad copy "Live The Grand Life", and announcing that "Model Year 2022 Now Available", and this is bound to attract passionate SUV lovers around Greater Cairo, especially because the model is brand new. 

The new Opel Grandland is aesthetically photographed showcasing the dominant SUV, ready for any adventure with its fierce and packed cutting-edge technology and thrilling design. The car seems to take urban style to the next level with an outstanding look and impressive features which are showcased in the ad, demonstrating an elegant exterior with sharply cut lines, muscular stature, and an athletic attitude. The car's interior is packed with soft, premium materials, and a highly customizable interior design, giving riders a smart choice and a bold statement. The car also features a stunning panoramic roof along with ambient lights and advanced safety innovations. The ad copy highlights that Opel and Mansour Automotive "Recommend Shell Helix" while using a grayscale background to make the white-toned Grandland 2022 standout and grab potential buyers' attention. 

To uncover more details regarding Al Mansour Automotive's latest campaign, visit Monitoring Out-of-Home (MOOH), the dedicated media intelligence company and analysis system functioning in both Cairo and Dubai, for extra details on the campaign's media plan, budget, locations, types, kinds and more.

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