The white background of Dyson’s giant Hoarding billboard plays host to a simplistic yet eye-catching outdoor advertisement. The female-centric ad features a clear message that states “Fast drying. No extreme heat. Engineered for different hair types”, such bold statement is emphasized with the images of two women, with two vastly different hairstyles, both using Dyson's Supersonic Blow-dryer.

While the colors of the visuals are mostly relegated to black & white, the device itself sports a vivid shade of pink, making Dyson’s product stand out more, and highlighting the feminine theme of the whole advert.

As a nice addition, the ad also features some payment facilities, with the words “Buy now, pay later”, accompanied by the website where the blow-dryer can be ordered, Further encouraging consumers to take advantage of the offer.

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer itself is the winner of the “Best Hair Dryer” award from both Harper Bazaar, as well as from Marie Claire. No wonder the acclaimed device garnered such recognition, as the experts at Dyson have managed to engineer a range of attachments designed to style different types of hair, in addition to a new Flyaway attachment. All that innovation resulted in a product that can hide flyaways in a single pass, for a smooth and shiny finish.

The limited campaign was displayed on Hoardings, in the first week of September in Dubai.

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