They say that at some point virtual technology can be more real than reality itself!
While we’re perhaps not there yet, Samsung’s 8K QLED TV is extremely close. Samsung pioneered the QLED technology back in 2016 and is now returning with its newest and most advanced creation yet.

One of Samsung’s latest OOH campaigns focused on their Galaxy line of smartphones, with a chance to win a Porsche! The current campaign is showcasing the “Neo QLED 8K” in all its well-earned glory, as it features Ultra-fine contrast with Quantum Mini LED that reveals every hidden detail, Powerful 8K AI upscaling powered by Neo Quantum Processor that ensures always getting full 8K resolution, and a maximum resolution of 7,680 pixels horizontally and 4,320 vertically.

The ad visuals sport a solid black background that’s accompanied by some neon lights that all add up to create a futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic. A daring slogan states that “Greatness never ends, but evolves”, which is befitting to one of the most pioneering companies in the fields of electronics & technology.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Consumer Electronics


Advertiser: SAMSUNG Egypt

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Cairo | Egypt | LED | QLED | Samsung | 8K | Smart TV

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