Egyptian International Trading (EIT) welcomes the New Grand Cerato on a new outdoor advertising campaign that is prominently featured on Cairo's OOH scene after promoting the KIA Sorento in its previous OOH campaign.  

The campaign's ad highlights the edgy and bold exterior design of the New KIA Grand Cerato, which comes in a metallic blue color. The vehicle blazes its way across the road and leaves its shadow on the asphalt.

With the latest generation of technology, the ultra-modern cabin is large, driver-focused, and deeply integrated with the digital world. The visuals give a glimpse into the interiors as they indicate that the seats are furnished with sporty and luxurious leather, which is a firm yet comfortably supportive material. At the bottom corner, a contact number is provided for those seeking further information.      

For more information about this campaign? Visit MOOH, Egypt’s and The Emirates’ OOH-dedicated Media Intelligence Company to reveal the campaign’s OOH types, sizes, budget, locations, districts, and more.

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