After their compassionate “Together Means” campaign just a few days ago, Etisalat keeps firing on all cylinders with yet another OOH campaign, for Business Edge. Etisalat, the giant telecommunications company, serves not only users but also businesses. Business Edge advances businesses with a complete platform that includes limitless high-speed Internet, innovative communication tools, sophisticated digital solutions, and more. It creates a strategy for companies, by beginning with an internet connection, then adding a suite of innovative necessities to give them more bang for their buck.

Digital marketing solutions, security and surveillance, analytical data, communication and collaboration resolutions, or even business devices and software products, Business Edge encompasses all these options and answers for business needs. This is all besides the integrated connectivity provided through Wi-Fi and internet bundles.

Sleek, concise, and business-savvy, the visuals clearly spread the message. With a black background and the signature green pop of color, Etisalat addresses people by saying “The Business Edge platform, numeric, complete solutions to fulfill work needs”. The other visuals of the billboards feature a jovial man with a laptop in front of him. He’s in a well-ordered office, jotting down in his notepad and grinning from ear to ear. Etisalat’s logo and slogan on the corner remind people that their Business Edge is the reason for his cheerfulness and ease at working.

The limited campaign was displayed on bridge billboards and digital screens, in the first week of September in Dubai.

The Art & Science of OOH

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