Flaunted as being located in “the heart of Cairo”, El Mansour Development proudly promotes its MAKANY KATTAMEYA compound on billboards, offering installments that can last up to 15 years. Spanning over 20,795 sqm on Maadi Ring Road, the alluring real-estate project promises to provide a unique living experience, with the brilliant slogan “مكاني...مكانك”, which translates to “My place...Your place”, which in turn is derived from the famous Spanish expression “mi casa es su casa”.

The visuals while simple, depict a beautiful picture of life in the promoted compound. As the pretty sunset is featured as a background to the lit buildings that form the residential constructions.
A massive “15” takes a sizable space, emphasizing the offer of installments that can last up to 15 years, which is a proposition that’s enhanced by the lack of bank interest. The ad copy also details the installments and the type of apartments available with each amount. The hotline is also prominently displayed for all curious customers.

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