The one-stop delivery app, Instashop, has landed on Dubai's digital OOH (DOOH) landscape to present their special service and increase brand familiarity and use. One of Instashop's prior appearances on UAE's billboards concerned offering consumers the hottest Ramadan deals, the online retail platform strikes yet again this month with a massive energetic campaign whose design and color choices are bound to draw the attention of the masses.

Instashop offers a wide variety of products and is easy to use since customers can order within 3 clicks, the delivery duration is about 60 minutes depending on consumer locations. The app is also very convenient since payment methods include both cash and credit cards. The two ad visuals highlight the product categories available on the e-store with one visual showing a satisfied female customer carrying a bag of household necessities including; fresh vegetables, gourmet groceries, and ethnic products, as well as bakery goods such as chocolate sprinkled donuts. The same visual also portrays that Instashop provides a variety of cosmetics and beauty products, by placing a lipstick on the top left corner of the ad. 

The other visual displays a man holding a mouthwatering berry tart in one hand, and a delicious donut in the other, as he winks, giving a guaranteeing vibe that Instashop has "you" covered. The same visual includes illustrations of a toy dog bone and a bottle of medication, representing the fact that Instashop also provides pet supplies and pharmacy supplies. The ad copy used alongside these images is "I Use Instashop, You?", against a hot pink background and theme which emits nurturing, comforting, and empathetic vibes. 

The campaign is a relatively new one that was launched during the first week of September and was distributed across Dubai City taking the form of hoardings, digital screens, and bridge billboards.

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