The first shark movie in the region! Perhaps that’s the most immediately noticeable fact about the new horror film “Mako”. The Egyptian movie scene has been witnessing a resurgence in the last few months, with many different movies from various genres taking the spotlight. Mako Stands out among the crowd for being an underwater horror movie!

The simple yet effective poster depicts the titular shark rising from the depths of the sea, bearing out its sharp jaws, ready to devour the unlucky cast, which includes; Nicolas Mouawad, Basma, Murat Yildirim, Manzer Reyahna, Amr Wahba, and Nahed El Sebaï.

The ad copy details the movie’s name in a crimson red color, mimicking the texture of blood. Other important details such as the cast and crew are written at the bottom, with the production company logo and name included; Pyramids.

To know more about Mako’s OOH campaign, check out Monitoring Out-of-Home (MOOH), the dedicated media intelligence company and analysis system functioning in both Cairo and Dubai, to uncover details regarding campaign types, kinds, budgets, locations, and more. 

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