Etisalat rises on UAE's billboards once again with its new awareness and branding campaign highlighting the telecom operator's core value of human connection. The campaign establishes the idea that togetherness matters, now more than ever since people have been working from home, students have been learning online, and social distancing regulations have been enforced. Etisalat promises to do its part to help fight covid-19 by bringing non-stop entertainment, super fast internet speeds, and social connectivity during this time. 

Etisalat's previous appearance on Dubai's billboards concerned the promotion of its new "Wasel Flexi Plan", but the leading telecom operator is back on billboards stronger than ever, inspiring the masses on the road with its uplifting hashtag #togethermeans. The extended OOH campaign initially asked the crowds "What Does Together Mean to you?" inciting aspirations with its own quoted answers; "Together means I am fearless when we move as one – Sultan", "Together means win or lose, we'll share a laugh", "Together means video gaming with my brother even miles apart – Omar", and "Together means I want to get there with them, not before them – Marco". The ad copy also indicates that Etisalat has the "World's Fastest Mobile Network". The campaign portrays photographs of pure happiness and human connection which really uplifts the spirits while using a solid black background hosting the ad copy that’s written in white and light green colors to stand out as much as possible on the streets of Dubai.

The campaign is a relatively new one that was distributed across Dubai's OOH landscape, taking the form of bridge billboards and digital screens. The advert was released during the first week of September and was widely distributed around the city.

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