No one steals the thunder from other OOH competitors more than Vodafone when it comes to launching big marketing campaigns. The leading mobile operator “Vodafone Egypt” has overtaken the spotlight once again on Cairo’s OOH scene by releasing a new campaign, featuring the Egyptian star and Liverpool champion Mo Salah for the first time since 2019, in its latest campaign.  

The iconic football player has been a brand ambassador for Vodafone since 2017 to confirm Vodafone's commitment and presence in the Egyptian market, where no one better than Mohamed Salah can represent the brand. According to Time Magazine, Mohamed Salah is considered one of the 100 most influential people in the world and an icon & a role model for youth across Egypt. Therefore, Vodafone has utilized the star and launched an advert to unleash talents and invite audiences to challenge themselves by bringing them closer to their dreams.  

As for the OOH, the campaign has landed on the scene right after the TV commercial, the visuals depict Mohamed Salah with his cheerful smile, embodying various dreams and stressing the brand’s philosophy which is empowerment, reflected in its renowned slogan "Vodafone, Together We Can". For instance, a visual features Mohamed Salah beating rhythmically on drums, in another visual, he appears with stunning elegance, captivating the cameras and the spotlights, in addition, the background hosts some stars while some film reels fly by the champion, signaling his acting potentials that give the whole ad joyful vibes. The last visual takes the concept of aiming for the stars literally, as Mo Salah is seen vacationing on the moon itself, with some comfy summer clothes!

This campaign invites audiences to increase their usage of mobile Internet, assuring that Vodafone will push them forward towards their passions. After completing three challenges, customers will be entitled to post a video talking about their ambitions, where Vodafone shall help in fulfilling them.  

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