After the results of the Thanaweya Amma 2021 have been revealed, the universities' office of admissions has opened its doors for registration and receival of student applications. Therefore, it is the right time for universities to show up on billboards and attract newcomers. The Egypt University of Informatics (EUI) takes over Cairo's billboards, sending a call to enroll at the university.  

EUI is dedicated to providing a highly regarded education and scientific research environment equal to reputable international universities. Establishing itself as a center for producing knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals in the fields of information and communication technology, as well as related multi-disciplinary fields. In addition, the institution offers programs for capacity building  & consultation, and  contributes to human, societal, and economic development. The aforementioned university seeks to be a major leading hub in technology-related areas in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). 

The campaign uses the Cerulean blue color stamped with the brand’s logo and features students from both genders holding a lecture notebook with a smile that indicates their distinguishable university experience. The ad copy highlights some features like the fact that successful engineering students shall receive a dual degree from PURDUE University to meet academic requirements, and that the university is going to be the first one in the Middle East and Africa regions to specialize in information and communications technology (ICT).

The ad has not neglected to provide the website and contact number with white big typography. There is a huge call-to-action that encourages audiences to “Apply Now”. At the bottom space, it is stated that this campaign is owned by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology. 

Seeking more information about this campaign? Visit MOOH, Egypt’s and The Emirates’ OOH-dedicated Media Intelligence Company to reveal the campaign’s OOH types, sizes, budget, locations, districts, and more.

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