Amidst Talabat's phenomenal presence in Greater Cairo's OOH arena, promoting the pioneering delivery application in Egypt, and offering updated promo codes and discounts for all users exposed to the campaign, Talabat decided to promote its heavily demanded service with the ambassadorship of 3 of the most beloved artists and public figures in Egypt; Abdel Basset Hamouda, Afroto, and Sola Omar. Talabat's continuous presence has increased the brand's overall recognition, familiarity, loyalty, awareness, as well as increasing the brand's equity through its massively distributed campaigns. Talabat's latest celebrity endorsement OOH campaign focused on summer 2021, with "Pampering Offers”, accompanied by a sensational commercial that hooked many people due to its catchy theme song and its youthful and energetic style. The aforementioned song was composed by; Ahmed Tarek Yehia and Afroto, who is one of the ambassador stars with an obvious passion and talent in music. The ad was directed by Ahmed El Keiy who did a recognizably good job in capturing the exuberant essence of summer, and its enthusiastic vigor.

Abdel Basset Hamouda is the veteran celebrity among the ambassadors, and has been performing oriental music with fascinating and distinctive vocal control that the Egyptian public has enjoyed for ages. Abdel Basset Hamouda can be considered a mentor or a role model for many upcoming artists that desire to produce music similar to the local Egyptian tone that Abdel Basset Hamouda is known for presenting since 1975. Although the celebrated singer has been around for a long time, he remains to be very modern and hip, and can be considered a trend setter till this day. The Egyptian "Shaabi" singer was born in Alexandria in 1960 and he started his career singing in weddings in his hometown and neighborhood. He then began recording singles that gained national popularity, which is why they were later collected into a single album. Abdel Basset Hamouda also appeared in several films and television shows as an actor, where he flaunted his acting chops. According to views, Abdel Basset is most known for "Aman Ya Sahabi" film and "El Tarab Al Sha3by" album. Talabat made the right choice of giving the celebrated artist ambassadorship, since older demographics who covet the nostalgic melodies of Abdel Basset Hamouda will be able to tune into the ad, along with the younger segments who are likely to cause the ad to go viral and become trendy.

Ahmed Mohamed, known by his growing fan base as; Afroto, is a singer and musician from Alexandria. The young artist is also known as "Ebn El-Seyof" which translates to the artist identifying as the son of his birthplace El-Seyof in Alexandria. The singer has recently gained national recognition with 480K followers on Instagram, and active accounts on the prime music platforms; Anghami, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music. The Alexandrian native is known to step away from his usual trap bangers sometimes, and deliver what can be best described as Shaabi Ballad, like his famous song "Segara". Afroto recently released a few trap-inspired hits that fall under his iconic vogue banner of songs, including; "Msh Bel 7ozoz", "Talamez", and "Beluga". Afroto's endorsement in the ad with his unique style and approach is bound to attract a large demographic of Egyptian trap lovers and a significant segment of teenagers. His presence is almost an embodiment of a large body of men & boys who are inspired by his street charisma, hip persona, and unique fashion sense, which overflows with the gangster aesthetic.

Afroto’s co-star in the advert, Sola Omar, represents the flip side of the coin, with her girlish charm and feminine energy. Sola’s iconic brand of self-deprecating humor gave her relatability with her audience, causing her social media popularity to skyrocket with 888K followers on Instagram. The Egyptian Internet Singing Comedian went viral after the debut of her song “Abo Ahmed”, which was a hilarious track that has amassed over 15 million views on YouTube. The song became viral in no time and took everyone by surprise, as Sola’s career journey in music began at a very young age, Since she started singing when she was only 6 years old. In addition to her angelic voice and special talent, Sola also produces light-hearted and fun videos on the popular social media platform TikTok, which has really captured her humorous side. What everyone loves about Sola, is the fact that she stays true to herself, so her ambassadorship in Talabat’s commercial was the pleasant cherry on top of a fantastic ad. She embodies the youthful female demographic with her “girl-next-door” demeanour, andher involvement in the campaign brought about a sense of playful mischief that contrasted nicely with the styles of the other two ambassadors.

Talabat’s new OOH campaign managed to spike Egypt’s prime billboards with a concoction of ingredients used to add creativity and excitement to the commercial, and appeal to a wide audience. The advert is considered to be the trend of the week, and is likely to maintain its place on top of the charts during the upcoming month. Talabat has gained more customer loyalty and recognition, building their identity and their necessity in consumers’ minds, especially since the emergence of the pandemic when people started appreciating door-step delivery of food and groceries, as curfews and social distancing forced people to stay indoors for longer periods. The hashtag #دوس_طلبات_تتنغنغ_اوفرات is currently going viral, with many people participating in the interactive “Pampering Offers Challenge” on social media, by dancing to the catchy melody of the commercial’s theme song.

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