A starry blue background plays host to AL Assema’s newest outdoor campaign, where the prestigious real estate developer promotes its latest project, Clock Tower.

Looking back at Al Assema’s last occurrence on the OOH scene, it’s obvious that clock imagery is an important part of their marketing theme, as it emphasizes the significance of time when it comes to projects and investments. The Clock Tower project further proves the commitment to this theme, as its title and icon which are all time-centric, are complemented by a slogan that translates to “An investment that races time”.

The visuals depict a literal clock tower, alongside a visual representation of the entire area where the project shall take place, accompanied by a text that states that the Clock Tower will be located in front of the parliament building. The ad copy also shows that there are payment facilities on offer, with installments that can last up to 12 years, with only 10% as a down payment. All this information is capped off with the hotline, inciting curious audiences to contact the developer.

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