Feisty, wild, and adventurous, Tiger’s new OOH campaign has taken over Cairo after a booming television commercial with Ahmed El Sakka and Chico. The potato chips company is known for its delicious products with their special crunchiness and a vast choice of flavors.

The strong seek a strong taste, that's why Ahmed El Sakka and Chico were chosen as ambassadors. Tiger takes advantage of these beloved celebrities to announce the bigger sizes of their bags and the new flavors; Tiger X Crunch with 3 new flavors and the regular Tiger with 2 new flavors. The three new flavors of Tiger X Crunch are cheeseburger, nacho cheese, and flamin’ hot. The texture of the chips is enhanced as well and even more crunchy than before. As for the standard Tiger chips, the new flavors are smoky barbeque and seasoned cheese.

The ads feature the phrase “Tiger, get more Tigered” as a catchy slogan for the campaign. The billboards feature a variety of visuals, including some with the ambassadors and some starring only the chips themselves. The visuals showcase Ahmed El Sakka and Chico together in a jungle, in camouflage, carrying weapons and dressed in soldier attire, holding Tiger chips. Another visual features El Sakka alone in a desert, leaning on a motorcycle and dressed in leather. The counterpart of this visual is a chill Chico at a birthday party outdoors with aesthetic decorations, in a pink shirt. The other visuals including only the Tiger chips feature special effects that light up at night and fireworks illustrations in the background, adding up to an exploding effect, with some chips peeking out from behind the bags. The ad visuals also use a creative concept, utilizing a die-cut representing potato chips popping out of frame sparking up people’s appetites and interest. 

Interested in exploring more about Tiger’s OOH campaign? Check out MOOH (Monitoring Out-of-home), Cairo’s dedicated OOH media intelligence company, to learn more about the OOH types, kinds, media plan, budget, locations, and more.

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