After McDonald's recent appearance on UAE's OOH landscape, raising awareness of "The Signature" menu addition, the unbeatable fast-food chain has risen on billboards once again, encouraging Mac lovers in Dubai to use the McDonald's application on a regular basis. The brand is classically presented on billboards using its trademark yellow color, while the ad informs the masses that they now have the opportunity to "Collect Points" and "Get Rewarded" by downloading the app from App Store or Google Play, and using it to order their favorite meals.

The McDonald's Rewards program allows Mac lovers to collect points by scanning QR codes through the App with every purchase, so they can collect points with every transaction. By collecting points and redeeming them, consumers will be able to enjoy more of what they love at McDonald's, be it food, beverages, or even other surprises that are announced from time to time. The loyalty program is available across the UAE, where one dirham is equivalent to 10 McDonald's points. The application also gives the crowds a more personalized experience.

The creative ad portrays an illustration of a signature McDonald's hamburger with a French fries box on its left, and a McFlurry on the right with a stack of McDonald's coins below the meal that have the brand’s famous "M" printed onto them. A smartphone is also shown in perspective, behind the meal, showing the ad copy "My M Rewards" on the screen. The colors red and yellow are usually used in food marketing since they tend to make people feel passionately hungry. Red also reflects love, dynamism and courage while yellow represents optimism, energy, fun, joy, and spontaneity which makes McDonald's brand colors the perfect match. 

The campaign was released during the first week of August and was distributed at limited OOH spots in Dubai and Sharjah, taking the form of uni-poles and lampposts. 

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