The stifling heat of the summer noticeably intensifies during the month of August, so dropping Daikin’s OOH campaign in Cairo was both strategically timed and placed. Daikin is a world leader in air conditioning, heating, ventilation (HVAC), and refrigerant systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The visuals feel like a breath of fresh air, with the billboards coated in icy blue and white, to spread a chilly feeling, while a white Japanese cherry blossom tree peeks from behind the displayed air conditioner to stay true to the company’s origin. Ice freezes at the edges of the billboard, giving the sensation of a cooling breeze just by looking at it. The fact that Daikin is the “Global Number One Air Conditioning Company From Japan” is flaunted in the visuals.

The 5-year warranty, air conditioning inverter, and R32 technology are also presented to provide all important information on the ad. The R32 is a new generation refrigerant that passes heat effectively and has a lower environmental effect. 

To learn more about Daikin’s OOH campaign, visit MOOH (Monitoring Out-of-home), Cairo’s dedicated OOH media intelligence company, to know more about the OOH types, kinds, media plan, budget, locations and more.

The Art & Science of OOH

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