There is not a human on the planet that doesn’t have a solid attachment to music. It is what unites people together; across nations, cultures, and over any borders. Music is there for everyone in celebrations, in moments of joy, during rough times, through long car rides, in the kitchen, and basically everywhere and anywhere! Thus, Rotana Records, the Middle East’s biggest record label, utilized these facts in an OOH campaign in Dubai, to announce the release of Abdul Majeed’s Abduallah’s newest album. Going by the name of “عالم موازي”, the album was produced by Rotana Records.

Abdul Majeed Abdullah, the famed Saudi-born singer and composer is one of the most active and current artists to take over the music scene in the entire Arab world. Due to his impressive presence, just featuring his face on the billboards is bound to entice curiosity and interest. Dressed in traditional Saudi white thobe and a keffiyeh, the singer is posed with his hands in a tight clasp, suiting his neutral, earnest facial expression. The emerald green speckles in the dark background and gold typography build on to the harmonious and opulent finish of the visuals. The billboards make it known that songs on the album are available to listen to on Deezer. 

This campaign has spread across digital screens in Dubai, in the second week of August.

The Art & Science of OOH

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