PRO TECHnology, Dubai's leading innovative IT and a household name that exhibits global labels at its showrooms. The aforementioned brand has landed on Dubai’s billboards to loftily declare its partnership with Elia Luxury, a brand known for combining glamour and sophistication in its products. 

The US brand, Elia Luxury comes up with custom-made, stylish, high quality, authentic, and bespoke offerings, alongside some extraordinarily innovative fashion products to serve elite audiences. As for the visuals, it portrays a portion of a black-suited man, pressing firmly on a button that features the brand's unique logo in front of a solid black background. The ad copy proudly announces that PRO TECHnology has entered the agreement to sell ELIA Luxury's products in its showrooms in Jumeirah Emirates Towers Dubai.  At the bottom corner, they provide customers with essential information, such as the aforementioned brands’ official websites and Instagram profiles. 

This campaign has shown up in the second week of August in a limited location on Hoarding Billboards in Dubai.

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