One of the largest fast-food hamburger chains in the world, Burger King, has excited people on roads with an open appetite by rolling out the "King Value Menu", featuring great-tasting sandwiches, high-quality, and affordable food. Burger King’s new campaign soared across the OOH scene after teasing the spicy “The Heat Menu” in its latest campaign


Two Fiery Chicken Burger Sandwiches are brilliantly displayed in the background with a commendable eye for details, served with french fries and a big Coca-Cola drink to complement the substantial burgers. Since Burger King has always delighted its customers, the backgrounds come in white and yellow, where yellow is the color of happiness and cheerfulness, while white represents freshness. They haven’t neglected to offer important information for the customers such as their hotline to order, which can also be performed via Burger King’s platform.

This campaign emerged in the second week of August in limited locations on UniPole Billboards and Lampposts Billboards in Dubai.

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