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Noor’s Outdoor Advertising Campaign Remains on the Top of the Chart with New Real Estate Players Stepping in

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The real estate industry usually snatches the top places on the OOH medium, so don't get surprised when spotting the real estate industry getting on the top of other industries. Noor, the promising real estate developer is still grabbing the top spot since June, however, the OOH arena is witnessing new players joining the competition, such as the two summer projects NAIA BAY and White Sand’s OOH campaigns, followed by McDonald’s impressive campaign that grabbed attention on the roads, ranking at the fourth place compared to the previous month, with an overall noticeable absence from the automotive industry.

The real estate developers witnessed an increase in their marketshare, compared to last month, about 10 real estate developers have taken most of the top spots among this month’s top campaigns, as the spots from the 6th rank all the way to the 18th are almost all within the real estate industry, with a few exceptions, including brands returning back to the OOH medium like Cali Coast and Keeva.

VodafoneEtisalat, and Orange-molto, all representing the telecommunication industry’s presence in this month’s top OOH campaigns. The Plasma Donation campaign, representing nonprofits, seized control of the tenth spot.     

Follow the infographic to see some of the more interesting campaigns that have conquered Cairo's billboards this month. Also, through May's market insight, learn more data and figures about what's going on over Cairo's billboards

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Industry: Marketing & Advertising


Advertiser: INSITE OOH

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

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