Our consistent monthly analyses and reports of Cairo’s OOH market have revealed a significant degree of improvement, while advertisers pave their way back into the scene after the pandemics’ consequences. In June, the market occupancy rate was 69%, however, Egypt’s streets witnessed a 5% increase, leaving only 26% of billboards currently unoccupied.

The report also indicated that the total number of campaigns for July is 165, which is logical according to statistics gathered from the previous months, where there were 167 total campaigns. The number of new campaigns has increased from 63 new ads in June, to 74 new campaigns in July. The number of running campaigns has dropped from 104 to 91, leaving more spaces on billboards for new advertisers and brands. 

Regarding the industries that possess more dominance on Cairo’s OOH landscape with active media plans, slight changes have occurred compared to results from the previous month, but one thing remains consistent; the real estate market is at the top of the list. The real estate industry’s market share for June was a heavy 40% and it has witnessed a 3% increase during the month of July 2021. The ranking for the top 5 industries in terms of OOH advertising has not changed, with telecommunications coming in next at the second place with 9% market share, even though the industry has experienced a 2% drop from last month. The automotive industry maintains its 7% market dominance for a consecutive month, along with the FMCG industry with 6%, identical to June’s statistics. Foodservice is the 5th industry with a 1% decrease from last month, making the industry’s presence on billboards approximately 5%. Last month, retail came next with 5%, however, this month; the healthcare industry has taken a serious step forward regarding OOH media, taking the retail industry’s place on the list. 

Moreover, the real estate industry claims its place as the pioneering industry in OOH, with multiple campaigns out there, having the largest share in July’s Top Campaigns which you can check out through this link: https://insiteooh.com/article/4974-cairos-ooh-scene-is-back-on-track-with-julys-market-insights-showing-74-market-occupancy

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