Pioneering convenience store On the Run climbs on Greater Cairo's OOH branding campaign, celebrating 21 years of "Proudly Serving; Great Coffee and Record Quality". On The Run was established in 2000, with core values; Fast, Fresh, and Friendly. These are the reasons behind the widely distributed marts' success, offering fresh gourmet sandwiches and pastries, flavorful coffee blends and a wide variety of sweet and salty snacks. Mobil Gas Stations are located all around Egypt, featuring On the Run branches in many governorates with approximately 95 flagship convenience stores across the country.

On The Run's prior campaign used the taglines; "Where All Things Matter", "When You're in for The Coffee", and "The Barista Remembers your Name", establishing a connection with consumers using an emotional marketing strategy that gives audiences a feeling of belonging to the place, and a sense of humanity to the brand and its product offerings. The mart is a one-stop shop with a strong sponsorship and partnership of commonly admired pastry chain LA POIRE, portraying their logo on the bottom right corner of the advert. One visual displays the hot and iced coffee offered by On the Run Café, along with two fresh sandwiches and a side snack, highlighting that On the Run provides "Record Quality". 

Another visual maintains the festive atmosphere that almost feels like a mini birthday party on the road, inviting oncoming vehicles to park at the nearest Mobil gas station, and join the celebration. The third visual shows that the pick-up store has been "Proudly Serving You" for 21 years and counting. The advert uses a powerful, eye-grabbing contrast of colors; red and yellow, which are repeatedly used in food marketing since they stimulate appetite, positively affect mood, and have energizing properties in color psychology. Combining these colors with the sky blue background that is known to reflect reliability, trust, and honesty, it could be concluded that On the Run has used an effective marketing approach for their anniversary. 

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