CAPRIOLE DEVELOPMENTS takes over the OOH scene in Greater Cairo to unveil Linx Business Project in New Capital with a catchy slogan “eXquisitely eXecuted for an eXceptional eXperience”, appearing after its latest OOH campaign.  

With over 25 years of experience, Capriole Group has built high-rise hotels, factories, towers, educational buildings, workshops, commercial centers, and warehouses, all supported by sustainable and innovative ventures to elevate customers’ satisfaction. On a white partitioned background, the leading real estate developer presents a mixed-use community and business park "Linx" in Egypt, nestled in the New Administrative Capital and surrounded by comprehensive amenities with a green impact.

The ad portrays a 3D rendering of an exceptional building exquisite in design and execution. As for the ad copy, it was written creatively, where each letter "X" was derived from the one in the word "Linx", to be written and focused on in the slogan “eXquisitely eXecuted for an eXceptional eXperience".

Want to learn more about Capriole Developments’ OOH campaign? You can figure out the OOH types, kinds, media plan, budget, and locations by visiting Monitoring Out-of-home (MOOH), Cairo’s dedicated OOH media intelligence company.

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