The lead singer of Cairokee, Amir Eid, and the highest-ranking Egyptian tennis player, Mayar Sherif have been featured on Cairo's OOH arena to join the Mastercard family and to announce the expansion of Mastercard's globally-renowned Priceless platform to bring Egyptians closer to their passions and dreams. This inspirational campaign rolled out after its previous OOH campaign.    

A few weeks ago, Mastercard released a motivational commercial ad, starring Amir Eid and Mayar Sherif, giving some snippets and special moments from their lives, as inspirational advertising material. Mastercard landed on the OOH arena of Cairo to showcase the Egyptian talents Amir Eid & Mayar Sherif as Mastercard's first Egyptian brand ambassadors.   

Priceless is a platform that connects people from all over the world with their passions, including music and sports, and provides customers with a variety of unique and exclusive experiences, some of which are linked to Mastercard's renowned roster of event sponsorships and ambassadors. 

The ad embodies two different dreams; showcasing the artistic side as well as the athletic one. Whether it was Amir Eid composing a soulful melody or Mayar Sherif scoring the winning strike in a tense tennis match, the ad ensures that “Mastercard's with you until you reach your dream”. 

Longing for more information about this campaign? Visit MOOH, Egypt’s and The Emirates’ OOH-dedicated Media Intelligence Company to reveal the campaign’s OOH types, sizes, budget, locations, districts, and more.

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