Dessert goes straight to the heart! And Egypt’s adored bakery, Monginis, has popped up on Cairo’s OOH scene again after their latest campaign to spotlight their splendid mango desserts. Today, it is one of Egypt's major bakery brands, with over 100 exclusive stores and a handful of merchants selling Monginis branded items all over Egypt.

Monginis’ campaign “Summer Means Mango With Monginis” is centered around the delicious summer fruit. They’ve added Mango Tart, Quattro Mango, Cheesecake Mango, Mango Cup, Chocolate Mango Mousse, Trio Mango, Lotus, Chocolate Cake and Mango Fudge Gateaux to their already impressive menu. Concerning the visuals, the star is the Roche Mango, which is half chocolate sponge cake and cream, with Roche chunks, and half vanilla sponge, mango cream, and mango bits. That’s not the only dessert they advertised, though. More visuals follow the same suit, but with the other aforementioned desserts as the stars. The appetizing plates and mango slices on the side are calling attention to the outdoors ads. For those with attention to detail, tiny butterflies and plants are embellishing the edges as a soft touch.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Foodservice

Brand: Monginis

Advertiser: Monginis

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Egypt | Monginis | desserts | Mango

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