Telecom Egypt's WE Dazzles Greater Cairo's billboards with a new promotional campaign for Control Plans; K!X and TAZBEET. WE has been exerting phenomenal efforts for Summer 2021 campaigns, such as the telecom operator's previous advert that featured celebrated artists and influences; Ahmed Dash, Dina Dash, and Karim Dash, who presented WE's 50X Credit Recharge promotion, along with the 6 Audi Q2's S line, that are set to be won by prepaid subscribers. 

WE's latest advert offers charging 1 unit for 1 minute, to all networks, and this deal is highlighted to be the first of its kind in Egypt through the slogan "For The First Time in Egypt". The campaign also motivates potential customers to "Subscribe Now" and enjoy the new Control Plans where Control K!X charges 1 KIX per 1 minute to all networks and allows you to choose 5 favorite numbers for cellular discounts, along with WE Extra which allows subscribers to increase KIX and minutes anytime within the month, alongside WE Share that allows transferring KIX. Tazbeet also offers minutes to all networks that are charged with the normal price, with bundles starting from Tazbeet 30, to Tazbeet 110.

The ad highlights that to subscribe, the number to dial is *660# for Tazbeet, and *666# for KIX, while using the main brand color of amethyst purple which triggers feelings of creativity, royalty, intuition and sophistication. 

To uncover more on WE's campaign, visit Monitoring Out-Of-Home (MOOH), the dedicated OOH media intelligence company and analysis system functioning in Cairo and Dubai, to uncover details regarding campaign kinds, types, budgets and locations. 

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