After Expo 2020 Dubai's last appearance on UAE billboards with its official banking partner Emirates NBD offering banking packages for SMEs and Startups, and after exciting residents for Expo 2020 by announcing that there are only 64 days to go. Expo 2020 is back on billboards, with the event getting closer and closer, encouraging UAE residents to "Buy Your Tickets Now". The digital OOH campaign spiked UAE's streets informing the masses that Expo 2020 Dubai is welcoming visitors from all around the world starting from the 1st of October 2021 to the 31st of March 2022.

Expo 2020 makes it clear through the ad visual that the event intends to bring together different mindsets under one roof, to reimagine tomorrow, forming the largest cultural gathering in the world. The massive campaign is visually striking and emotionally inspiring, portraying the vision set for the most diverse World Expo ever, which is a must-visit destination for thousands of families. The campaign uses the key slogan "Join the Making of a New World'' using a visual of a family taking a stroll with an animated robot. The slogan is attention-grabbing and encourages people to buy their tickets now via OOH print visuals of the advert empower women, youth, and talented individuals by using ad copy which translates to "We Will Build'' and a photograph of an independent and innovative woman. Another visual uses the phrase "Together" and displays a contemporary ballet dancer while an innovative visual highlights the word "Science" with an unconventional construction in the background. The main ad visual combines these phrases in one sentence which translates to "Together, We Will Make New Science'', showing an astronaut floating in a colorful atmosphere.  

The campaign is a relatively new one which was distributed in limited OOH and DOOH spots across Dubai. The advert was released during the third week of July and took the form of hoardings, bridge billboards, lampposts, and digital screens.

The Art & Science of OOH

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