WE Splashes on Cairo's Billboards Offering 50X Credit Recharge and 6 Audi Q2s Starring Ahmed Dash, Dina Dash, and Karim Dash

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WE Splashes on Cairo's Billboards Offering 50X Credit Recharge and 6 Audi Q2s Starring Ahmed Dash, Dina Dash, and Karim Dash

WE climbs on Greater Cairo's billboards establishing a strong presence in Egypt's OOH landscape for summer 2021, featuring young actor Ahmed Dash, along with his social media stars siblings; Dina Dash and Karim Dash, who are the new faces of Telecom Egypt which aspires to shape and constantly develop the future of telecommunication services in the region. WE's last appearance on Cairo's OOH market, aimed to raise awareness on the new WE-Pay Services and WE's collaboration with Fawry. WE is now back on billboards, stronger than ever, with a massive promotional advertisement that highlights the primary message that "WEEEEE This Summer" is offering a chance to gain "Up to 50X your recharge", and a powerful partnership with Audi's new Q2 S line. 

The summer recharge promo also excites consumers with the opportunity to win an Audi Q2 car out of "6 Audi Q2 Cars" for 6 lucky WE subscribers. One visual of the advert demonstrates Ahmed Dash on the phone, while Dina Dash is holding a mini internet device and Karim Dash browsing through social media. The siblings are shown standing next to an Audi Q2. Another visual of the ad is a screenshot from the TV commercial which features a humorous and catchy script, as well as a theme song which is where the ad copy "WEEEEE, This Summer, at Your Leisure" is derived from, along with the colorful, and joyful illustrations which are bound to hype the Egyptian audience. The visual shows Ahmed Dash leaning on an Audi Q2, while Dina Dash is striking a pose from the car's window, and Karim Dash is standing near the car parallel to his brother. Another visual shows the Dash siblings together, with an Audi Q2 parked near the beach with a giant, pink octopus emerging from the sea holding an iPhone, identical to the TV commercial's storyboard. The advert highlights WE's slogan which translates to "WE, Before Anyone", spreading a sense of precedence. The campaign also motivates audiences to check out Telecom Egypt on social media platforms, download their app or dial 111 or 01555000111. 

To find out more about WE's campaign, visit Monitoring Out-Of-Home (MOOH), the dedicated OOH media intelligence company and analysis system functioning in Cairo and Dubai, to uncover details regarding campaign kinds, types, budgets and locations. 

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