After dropping four teaser billboards with vibrant colors, Jefaira finally revealed details regarding its "J I am a healer, J I am a teacher, J I am a companion, J I am a champion" campaign on Greater Cairo's OOH landscape. The cryptic teaser campaign sparked a lot of curiosity in Cairo's streets, hence, Inertia has announced Jefaira: an all-year-round destination that provides city life comforts and necessities, in a summer getaway located on Egypt's mesmerizing Mediterranean coast. The campaign sends the clear message that Jefaira combines a series of self-sustaining communities to pioneer a seaside town where citizens can live, work, learn, and experience everything life has to offer.

Jefaira's creative campaign maintains the style of using 4 billboards associated with different bright colors depending on the element each billboard is advertising for. The first ad visual is in azure blue that gives off vibes of trust, peace, and loyalty, while using the ad copy "Safe By The Sea'' reflecting on Jefaira Hospital that will be operating by 2023 according to the campaign, which also portrays doctors and nurses wearing scrubs. The second visual uses a vibrant raspberry red color to raise awareness on the Executive Program campus, the student campus intended to operate by 2026, using the ad copy "Taught By The Sea". The color is suitable for the education aspect of the campaign which shows a photo of students in class, symbolizing excitement, strength, and energy. The third billboard uses the ad copy "Indulge By The Sea", to advertise for boutique hotels operating by 2023 and luxury international hotels operating by 2025, using a bubblegum pink color that initiates universal love of oneself and of others since it’s a charming delicate color. This ad portrays a close-shot of a person enjoying time in the sun with a slice of watermelon. The last visual highlights Jefaira's thrilling Adventure Park operating by 2022, as well as multi-purpose sports facilities operating by 2023. This visual uses the ad copy "Alive By The Sea '' with a honey yellow background which symbolizes happiness, enthusiasm, and spontaneity, while using a picture of Jefaira residents jogging. The campaign adds a fifth billboard with the ad copy "Revel By The Sea'' advertising for Jefaira's beach clubs, dining, and nightlife experiences that will be in operation by 2022, using a photograph of a celebration with a violet purple background that's very motivating, uplifting and inspiring color. 

To find out more about Inertia's campaign for Jefaira, visit Monitoring Out-Of-Home (MOOH), the dedicated OOH media intelligence company and analysis system functioning in Cairo and Dubai, to uncover details regarding campaign kinds, types, budgets and locations. 

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Industry: Real Estate


Advertiser: INERTIA

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | INERTIA | JEFAIRA | Launching Campaign | North Coast

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