Auto Parts Make it Easier to Get Vehicle Parts and Accessories by Offering Doorstep Delivery Across Egypt

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Auto Parts Make it Easier to Get Vehicle Parts and Accessories by Offering Doorstep Delivery Across Egypt

Egypt-based automotive repair shop Auto Parts climbs on Greater Cairo's billboard landscape with an eye-catching awareness campaign to increase familiarity with the brand and its rare and unique offerings. These services include providing auto parts for most, if not all, car models and types, circulating coolant liquids that maintain the motor's temperature, car filters for the cabin, oil, fuel, and air, as well as general car inspections and maintenance.

The main advertising message intended for the new brand is that Auto Parts now provides the opportunity to avoid the hustle of finding rare auto parts, which is reflected in the slogan that’s highlighted in bright red, and translates to "We Made the Journey for Auto Parts Easier". The red textbox used for this phrase attracts passing eyes, especially since red is one of the most visible colors on the visual spectrum. The campaign also highlights the fact that Auto Parts provides doorstep delivery, but customers can visit their nearest branch if it’s more convenient for them. The ad copy also includes a promotional aspect, informing potential clients that they can subscribe to monthly installments that go up to 60 months, which is a truly unique selling proposition regarding the automotive industry.

The campaign uses a very creative and abstract graphic design that illustrates the company's main services and partnering firms, in the shape of a car. The car's outline is formed using icons of screwdrivers, car repair parts, and maintenance tools, along with many other logos helping to form the car figure. The campaign also portrays a delivery man in Auto Parts' uniform, presenting a box of vehicle parts. The ad copy provides clients with the hotline "15756", and also encourages audiences to check out Auto Parts' page on Facebook.

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