Time is money and Visa is making sure its clients make the best out of that time as announced on their latest OOH campaign in Dubai. Their last campaign for contactless payments “No More Touch, No More Problem” set the path for more flourishing campaigns, like this one. Visa Worldwide is an international payments technology organization, seeking to enable individuals, businesses, banks, and governments to adopt digital currency. 

The illustrious Visa brand is strengthening its presence in the Dubai OOH scene with this attractive campaign. The outdoor ads are promising consumers to win up to 200 thousand Dirhams in Emaar gift cards if they spend 200 Dirhams using a Visa card from the National Bank of Emirates.

 Considering the blue visuals, they achieve a sense of safety and reliability in the brand since it’s widely considered to be the color of trust, transparency, and loyalty. They flaunt the fact that they are a worldwide sponsor for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games, as it shows their dominant position in the market and their relevance in keeping up with the trends and waves. The other white and cyan visuals contain a man and a woman, grinning ear to ear with shopping bags in hand and a Visa card in the other. Stylish, breezy, and exuberant, the energy of the chosen models is contagious and conveys the desire to shop and join in on the opportunity. 

This new, limited campaign hit the streets in the last week of July on digital screens in Dubai.

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