Through the dazzling streets of Dubai, DU’s new OOH campaign is grabbing attention with its whooping promotions, where the new campaign was spotted after presenting tempting offers in its previous OOH campaign

The campaign displays two visuals on a blue template. The first one depicts an individual making calls to highlight one of the benefits customers will enjoy from DU Power Plan 260, where the consumer has the privilege to make unlimited international calls from eligible 33 destinations, offering 600 Flexi minutes of national and international talk time. Whereas, the second visual portrays a family taking a photo to capture valuable moments. This depiction also alludes to the unique features for offering a comprehensive plan experience with the all-new Power Plan 260 from DU at an affordable price. Beside the unlimited international calls, the comprehensive plan experience includes an OSN streaming subscription, an Amazon Prime membership, 40 GB of free data on WiFi and hotspots all over UAE, 250 MB of monthly roaming data, 20 MB of monthly national data, carry-over national data, and free activation for new power plans. 

This campaign emerged in the last week of July in a limited location on Hoarding Billboards and Digital Screens.

The Art & Science of OOH

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