Nissan revealed the 2021 Nissan Patrol NISMO to UAE's OOH market, advertising for the latest stage of Nissan's performance brand. The modern race-inspired version of the legendary Nissan Patrol integrates eye-catching exteriors, the precision of a luxury car, as well as a thrilling performance and the efficiency of a sports car. The new SUV was premiered globally through a phenomenal virtual event hosted at the Dubai Expo 2020. This reflects the fact that Nissan developed the SUV, particularly for the Middle East since it is one of the largest international markets of the Patrol.

The campaign continues the year-long celebration to mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Nissan Patrol in 1951. Nissan was on point when it said that the new NISMO "Has Been Crafted to Conquer" putting into consideration the aerodynamic exterior design that has an unmistakable distinctive presence, and the interior which is top-notch and luxurious. Some of the first-rate attributes of the NISMO include; perfectly placed 13-speaker Bose premium sound system, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Driver Assistance Technologies, and all-inclusive restless power. 

The campaign adopts a creative die-cut concept of the Nissan NISMO protruding from the gigantic billboard. The ad copy informs audiences of the "New Nissan Patrol Nismo" since the Nismo first got its badge in 2010 in the Middle East which is where Nissan's exclusive models are sold due to the high-interest rate in the region. The term "icon" is regularly overused, but the Patrol is definitely iconic in the eyes of the Emirati target audience. Nissan's last appearance on Dubai's OOH arena celebrated 70 years of Nissan Patrol but they're back on billboards with the powerful NISMO campaign which remains to be the most popular car among citizens and residents and has been the UAE capital's most used car for the last decade.

Nissan's new die-cut campaign was distributed among limited locations as hoardings in Dubai and Sharjah. It started during the third week of July. 

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