The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population had a prominent presence on Greater Cairo's billboards with its national project of Plasma Donations which is under the administration of Egypt's Health Minister, Hala Zayed. The plan aims to guarantee the availability of medication for various chronic diseases which include kidney and liver diseases, as part of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi's initiative to attain self-sustenance in plasma solutions. With the key tagline and hashtag "The Treatment Is Inside You'', the campaign’s goal is to encourage Egyptians to donate plasma at one of the expanding centers distributed across 5 governorates including; Cairo, Alexandria, Minya, Tanta, and Gharbia.

To be an eligible donor, you must be over the age of 18, in good health, and have not donated blood in the previous 3 months. Donating plasma offers the benefit of stimulating bone marrow to produce new blood cells and organs, which are responsible for producing plasma proteins. The Minister of Health became the first donor in this project, making her donation at the Ehab Serag El-Din Center in Agouza. The centers are equipped with the latest tools in accordance with international standards and under the supervision of WHO.

One ad visual portrays a person's arm with a donor needle in the veins using a slogan that means "Your Plasma Blood Donation Will Save Many Souls" along with the main tagline against a bright orange background that has the ability to draw attention on the road and inspires feelings of optimism, independence, positivity, and is known to stimulate response in advertising. The same design is used with a sense of peacefulness, innocence, purity, and earnestness. Another ad visual demonstrates a blood bag sealer sending the clear message that Egyptians need to take a step towards a healthier society through the donation of plasma. For additional information on the procedure or available centers, the campaign highlights the official hotline "15335".

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Brand: Donate Plasma

Advertiser: Ministry of Health & Population

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Country: Egypt

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