A new bridge billboard has popped up promoting the “Get App” campaign for NowNow as the hot app for ordering groceries, medicines, and more. The unmissable OOH ad is attracting the attention of oncoming vehicles with an enticing promise of “500+ stores delivered in minutes”.

The app’s reach has seemingly doubled since the last time it was featured on our website, while still offering fast and reliable delivery for various daily essentials. From groceries and medicine to freshly baked bread, NowNow is shaping up to be the ultimate all in one delivery app.

The demand for delivery services has tremendously increased since the start of the pandemic, with many people quarantined at home, the need for everyday necessities clashed with the prohibition of getting out of home, which resulted in an unexpected opportunity for delivery apps and services to thrive. NowNow seems to not only fill that void but also provide a unique set of services. With the ability to order fresh meats, fish, and even pet food, for all the animal lovers out there. A few other enticing features have boosted the app’s convenience factor, as it offers a guarantee for a quick delivery within minutes of placing the order, a live tracking option for orders, as well as not enforcing a minimum amount for in-app purchases and orders. So while other delivery services and apps focus on a particular set of products, NowNow distinguishes itself with its variety of delivery options.

This limited new campaign has popped up in Dubai during the third week of July.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Mobile Apps

Brand: NowNow App

Advertiser: noon

OOH Size: Bridge Billboard

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Dubai | UAE | United Arab Emirates

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