After its latest campaign titled “Infinite Possibilities” in June, Home Centre struck Dubai once again with a second campaign in July, giving no space for consumers to forget the acclaimed furniture and interior store. Home Centre is the prime home retailer in the Middle East with hundreds of millions of products sold each year. Furniture, home furnishings, home accessories, bed & bath goods, and kitchenware are all available at Home Centre. Its in-house stylists and designers are inspired by worldwide trends to provide attractive and economical furniture and home furnishings to a variety of homes, from classic to contemporary. 

The colossal campaign had two designs that reflected their campaign name “Instant Savings”. The first billboard is a clean, white color with the black and burgundy, English words in a neat font. This tidy and polished form conveys their professionalism and impeccable sense of style. The other billboard includes an image of pillows stacked on top of each other with their campaign name once again, but in Arabic, and announcing the starting price of pillows, which is ‘19 Dirham’. The various colors and patterns in the cushions attract all eyes to the outdoors ads and sparks a sense that they’re a must-have in your living room or wherever your heart desires. 

The campaign has swept over Dubai in the third week of July 2021 with limited locations. Lamppost billboards highlighted the area of Sharjah and Ajman, while the rest in Dubai were uni-pole.

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